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Archival Interview with Mercury Morris

Our feature this week is an archival interview that FLA founder Ken Crippen had with the Mercury Morris. Morris held nothing back in this fun and informative interview. He reflected on his time with the Miami Dolphins leading up to the perfect season of 1972, the perfect season, and the 1973 season. He also talked about his team's place in history.  Mercury Morris holds nothing back in 


Full Interview:

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"Retired players have been very good to me over the years. They have granted me interviews and helped me get in touch with their teammates. I have been able to form a bond with these players. I want to give back to them. Not all players, especially the older players, are multi-millionaires. Many struggle to pay their mounting medical bills and struggle to transition to life after football. They need help. Therefore, a portion of all proceeds from the FLA will go to help retired players in need." - FLA Founder Ken Crippen

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